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Kelab Caklempong Putra

Known by the name of Malaysia Putra Tak has existed and established since 1986 and consisted of UPM staff and students. Efforts to revive and popularize Caklempong music was undertaken by Tuan Hj. Mahmud. Hj. Abdullah as an Administrative Officer in the Division of Student Affairs UPM at that time, while the trainer was Mr. Ali Rashid.

In the early stages of the existence, there were some opposition and criticism as this group try to highlight the combination of the Caklempong intrument with modern musical instruments for music Caklempong to adjust over time.

UPM Tak Lempong Group at that time had been adopted by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia and the Group has created history as it is the only university were first identified by Caklempong Music Group.

Foundations consist of a total staff of UPM (10) ten members.

In 2011, the name of Kumpulan Tak Lempong has changed to Kelab Caklempong Uniputra. This club has got a membership of 32 (thirty-two) of expertise.

Kelab Caklempong Uniputra now increasingly active in accepting invitations of UPM prestigious formal occasions, such as UPM Convocation Ceremony. They also received an invitation for Wedding Ceremony, Launching Ceremony, Dinner and participating in PKKSSAAS is program.

Kelab Caklempong Uniputra is also active in organizing a field trip to learn and appreciate music production of Caklempong equipment in Medan, Indonesia.

If any PTJ, agency or individual that are interested in obtaining Dikir Barat Putra service, please contact:

Mohd Khairul Zainal Abidin
Cultural Affairs Officer
+6 03-9769 7325

Please download the cultural services application form below and submit the completed form to PKKSSAAS via email

or send it directly to the Dewan Besar PKKSSAAS UPM counter.

Updated:: 26/06/2020 [akma]