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Great Hall and Experimental Theatre

Our facilities, Cultural and Art Centre of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PKKSSAAS) is the entity which is responsible in providing facilities to conduct the university official ceremony and also to organize arts and cultural programs to the campus community.

Facilities available here are:

  • Great Hall
    Experimental Theatre
    • Audio Visual Instruments
    • Music Instruments
    • Furniture
    • Studio
    • VVIP Waiting Room
    • Arts Group 
    • Inquiries Counter 
    • Studio’s Surau


Great Hall

In an effort to improve performance quality, the Centre has provided the studio for all types of arts and cultural activities.The purpose of providing this studio is to make sure that every student and art group can have their training before performance.The studio was equipped with traditional music and modern music. Others include studios for dance, choir, art, theater, gamelan, caklempong and karaoke room. All studios are located on the first floor of these two buildings.

Basically, the Great Hall can accommodate around 4000 people. Among the activities carried out here are the university official functions such as Convocation, Research Exhibition, Outstanding Service Award Ceremony, Royal Dinner Function, PALAPES Scroll Delivery Ceremony, UPM VVIP Dinner, and Council with Vice Chancellor, New Student Orientation Week, Student Examination and cultural activities. The basic amenities which available in the Great Hall are Waiting Room, Chancellor Room, Senate Room, Foyer , VIP Gallery and Emergency Treatment Room. In addition to organize university official ceremony, Great Hall also received bookings to hold various activities from government agencies, private companies, private colleges and student association activities as well as programs of academic activities of PTJ.

Facilities Equipment act as entities that are entrusted to provide area for the official ceremony, while the Centre has provided equipment in accordance with the event that will be held. Most of this equipment is well-maintained so that it is not easily broken. All the instruments here will be rented for government agencies and the private sector. Among the equipment that is often used for official function are Leather Sofa, banquet chair, arm rest chair, red carpets, stage carpet, parcel, white elephant, the secretariat desk, exam table, Rostrum, mace table, chair of Your Highness Chancellor, certificates boxes and flags.


Experimental Theatre

The Experimental Theatre is fully operated by the  PKKSSAAS. It is the venue for the performing arts such as music, dance and theatre performances and also a suitable venue for workshops on culture and the arts. Panggung Percubaan is also widely used as a space for the trial in producing quality performances.

The Experimantal Theatre can seat 500 people and is complemented by waiting rooms, a secretariat room, as well as an audio-visual control room and lighting system.Among the activities held here are workshops, cultural performances, debates competition, theatre performances, forums, meeting, PTJ activities and student association activities. Apart from official university activities, Experimental Theatre has received bookings from government agencies and the private sector.

Among the activities organized by external parties is concert of Akademi Fantasia (Astro), Children Oratory Contest (Children of Hope Foundation Malaysia), recording commercials and Tourism Quiz (Ministry of Tourism). The basic amenities available at the Experimental


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