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Malay Community 

There are various opinions on the etymological meaning of the word “Melayu” (Malay), among these are the opinions that the word “Melayu” originated from the word “Malaju”, which means “faster speed, swift, agile”. Hence, the Malays are considered people with characters of fast and quick actions.


Chinese Community 

Chinese is the second largest race in Malaysia.  Malaysia and China have had political and trade relations since centuries ago. At the time of the Melaka Sultanate, China has played the role of a protector for Melaka from Siam’s threat.


Orang Asli Community 

The Orang Asli (Aboriginal) community is an entity in the Malaysian society that is scattered throughout the country in Peninsular Malaysia except in Perlis and Penang. The largest Orang Asli population is found in Pahang, followed by Perak, Kelantan and the other states.   Orang Asli are traditionally animists and have their own customs and beliefs. They believe in the presence of gods and spirits. Their world view is greatly influenced by nature. As such, they believe forests, mountains, hills, lightning and others have their own meaning in the universe.  Such beliefs have given rise to certain r aituals and taboos in the Orang Asli community. 


Indian Community 

For the Indian community, visitations are better made on appropriate days. For example, visits on Hindu New Years, or to houses of those who have just moved in. Visits on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday will be forbidden as those are not considered good.

Indians practice various types of greetings, commonest way being to put both palms together and lifting them up to the chest. While this is done, the words are greets such as “Vanakkam” (Tamil), “Namaste” (Hindi) and “Sastrigal” (Sikh).  In addition it would also be accompanied by questions on health, family, work, business and such matters.

Updated:: 29/05/2021 [kamarulhelmy]