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Dance of Meeting The Loved One 

This dance shows love and beauty through a young lady on her way to meet her lover.  She shows her love for him by bringing a chicken, a duck, some prawns, crabs and a big water melon.

However, her sweet memories are interrupted by strong noises that caught her by surprise and this resulted in all her presents falling on the ground one by one. Later she blames her lover for this misfortune.

The New Year Dance 

Celebrating the new year is the happiest moment of the year.  This is the much awaited season by most communities.  Happiness is reflected in the dance.
The dancers are shown making preparation for the new year on a big scale. The dance also shows the young female dancers dressed up beautifully for this celebration.

Umbrella Dance 

The Umbrella Dance is a very popular folk dance during the Han Dynasty in China. The dance originated from a district in China well known for making umbrellas, thus the Umbrella Dance shows many local elements of this district.

The dance performance in Malaysia is similar to the one originated from China.

Dance of the Flowering Season 

As the name implies, this dance is performed during the flowering season.  The dance exhibits the vibrant and happy atmosphere of the season.

Beautiful female dancers harvesting happily, as shown on their faces, to welcome the flowering season which brings love and happiness.

The Lotus Dance 

This dance was inspired by a wall painting in the Don Huang Province in China.  It shows a group of children playing by the side of a lotus pond, typical identity of the Chinese  culture.

The dancers perform the dance in a happy and lively mood.

Dance of Happiness 

This is a Chinese dance to celebrate special occasions.  The noisy and lively atmosphere indicates a happy mood in celebration.

Music is played by beating the gong and the canang (small gong).

The Flower Dance 

This is a dance that celebrates universal peace and happiness.  Like other Chinese dances, the Flower Dance is performed by ladies in a graceful manner . Their movements reflect peace, love and harmony. It also shows the spirit of caring.

The dance also shows flowers presented to happy people.

Dance of the Full Moon 

This romantic dance is about a lady in love. The full moon represents love and romance.

The dance shows a young lady sewing a purse for her lover while waiting for him to arrive shortly. She feels strongly of her love for him on the full moon night.

The Hadrah Dance 

This dance, originated from Persia, is popular in Perlis and Kedah.  Dancers are divided into 2 groups. The first group consists of 15 to 30 dancers who start the performance by singing and dancing while beating the kompang (shallow drum).

The second group consists of 2 adult male dancers dressed as women. They sing and dance in the middle of the performance.

The Hala Dance 

This dance is popular in Kelantan and is associated with the rice spirits.  The dance is ‘guarded’ by a pawang (witch doctor) and is performed in the padi field.  The dance consists of a lead dancer and six other dancers who act as villagers.

The main purpose of the dance is to show gratitude for getting good harvest. Hence it is usually performed after the harvesting season.

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