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Musical Instruments

The Gamelan

The Gamelan meaning memukul ataupun tukul dan merupakan himpunan alat muzik (ensembel) yang terdiri daripada alat muzik membranofon seperti gendang, idiofon berbentuk bilah dan pencon, aerofon seperti seruling, dan kordofon seperti rebab dan zither.  Pemuzik gamelan terdiri daripada lelaki seramai sembilan orang dan penarinya adalah wanita seramai enam orang. Alatan muzik yang digunakan ialah Gong Agong, Gong Sawokan, Gendang Ibu, Gendang Anak, Saron Pekin, Saron Baron I dan Saron Baron II, Gambang serta juga Kenong.

The Alu Bunyi

The alu bunyi originated from the activity of pounding rice. The mortar and pestle normally used to pound rice are used to produce an eccentric mix of music. It is popular among the farmers and the local community in Perlis and is usually associated with the harvest festival.

In the Minangkabau community in Negeri Sembilan, is is called “tumbuk kalang” where several players will ‘pound’ the mortar while singing.

The Kempul 

The kempul is a new instrument added to the existing gamelan genre.

It is a gong placed hanging on a single rack, at the back of the gamelan. The kempul has a colotomic function.

The Angklung

This is an idiofon made of selected bamboo pipes or tubes and consists of  2 to 4 tubes attached to the bamboo frame. These are carved to have a resonant pitch when struck and are tuned to octaves. It must be adjusted to “Do, Mi, So” either in Major or Minor mode.

The Beduk

The beduk is made of a double-barreled drum with water buffalo leather on the sides. It is is a round-shaped instrument that is elongated lengthwise, and is suspended from a rack and played with a padded mallet.  The role of the beduk in the Malay community especially in the Malay Archipelago is non-musical.

Instead, it is an instrument for religious purposes especially in the mosques and surau . Normally the beduk is used  to signal prayer time.

The Cak Lempong

This is a small-size gong made of bronze  that produces melodious sounds.  Each player holds two cak lempung, taking turns to play and create short melodies. Other instruments such as the Seruling Buluh, Salung, Rebana and gong are played together with the cak lempong to accompany dance performances such as Pencak Silat, Candle Dance (Tari Lilin) , Randai and Tari Inai.

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